interior design

Are you wondering what you can make of this software named SketchUp?

Learning SketchUp has amazing benefits, and Incase you do not know, SketchUp is a 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software used majorly by interior designers to model beautiful exterior and interior homes.

Therefore, it is an aesthetic visualization software as opposed to software like AutoCAD, Solidworks etc which are used majorly to make dimensioned drawings of plan & elevation layouts, construction, mechanical, civil drafts etc.

Interior designers most of the time earn more than architects. While architects are busy doing their job and trying so hard to compete and take the jobs that belong to the draftsman (draftsman makes architectural designs, civil designs etc), an interior designer is on site with just one task: dreaming of what the interior home would look like after furnishing with lightings, seats, installations, ornaments, switches, wallpaints & wallpapers etc in the most comfortable positions fit for purpose.

You need a software like SketchUp to present your dream to your client.

Ever wondered why banks, hotels, Airbnb, fancy restaurants, resorts etc are so fine? That's because an interior designer is and must be present to dream it.